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Is Rex 45 better than M4?

Both Rex 45 and M4 are high-performance tool steels. The choice between them depends on specific applications. Rex 45 offers higher hardness and wear resistance, making it great for slicing and precision cutting tools. M4 is tougher and more impact-resistant, suitable for heavy-duty cutting and impact applications.

rex 45 vs m4

Table of Rex 45 vs M4

PropertyRex 45M4
CompositionHigh levels of tungsten and vanadiumHigh carbon, tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium
Hardness (HRC)Exceptionally high (around 66-68 HRC)High (around 62-66 HRC)
Wear ResistanceExcellent wear resistanceExcellent wear resistance
ToughnessRelatively lower toughnessBetter toughness than Rex 45
Cutting PerformanceOutstanding for demanding applicationsExcellent, particularly in high-speed cutting
Corrosion ResistanceLow corrosion resistanceLow corrosion resistance
Heat ResistanceMaintains hardness at high temperaturesMaintains hardness at high temperatures
Edge RetentionExcellent edge retentionExcellent edge retention
MachinabilityModerate machinabilityModerate machinability
ApplicationsIdeal for demanding cutting applicationsSuitable for a wide range of cutting tools
PriceTypically more expensive than M4Moderately priced


What are the key differences between Rex 45 and M4 steel?

Rex 45 and M4 are high-speed tool steels known for their excellent cutting performance, but they have some key differences in terms of composition, hardness, and performance. Here’s a breakdown of these differences:

  1. Composition:

    • Rex 45: Rex 45 is known for its high levels of tungsten and vanadium. These elements contribute to its exceptional wear resistance and hardness.
    • M4: M4 contains high levels of carbon, tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium. It’s also rich in chromium, which adds to its corrosion resistance.
  2. Hardness:

    • Rex 45: Rex 45 is exceptionally hard, with hardness values typically ranging from around 66 to 68 HRC (Rockwell C hardness). This extreme hardness makes it ideal for demanding cutting applications.
    • M4: M4 is also quite hard, with hardness values typically ranging from around 62 to 66 HRC. While not as hard as Rex 45, it still provides excellent hardness for cutting tasks.
  3. Wear Resistance:

    • Rex 45: Rex 45 offers excellent wear resistance, making it suitable for applications that require tools to withstand extensive wear over time.
    • M4: M4 also provides excellent wear resistance, which is a key feature of high-speed tool steels.
  4. Toughness:

    • Rex 45: Rex 45 tends to have relatively lower toughness compared to M4. This means it may be more susceptible to chipping or fracturing, especially in applications with heavy impacts.
    • M4: M4 offers better toughness compared to Rex 45. Its combination of good toughness and hardness makes it versatile for a wide range of cutting tools.
  5. Corrosion Resistance:

    • Rex 45: Neither Rex 45 nor M4 is particularly known for corrosion resistance. They may be susceptible to corrosion if not properly maintained.
  6. Applications:

    • Rex 45: Rex 45 is ideal for demanding cutting applications that require extreme wear resistance and hardness. It’s well-suited for tasks where maintaining a sharp edge under heavy wear is critical.
    • M4: M4 is versatile and suitable for a wide range of cutting tools. It excels in high-speed cutting applications and offers a balance of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance.
  7. Price:

    • Rex 45: Rex 45 is typically more expensive than M4 due to its exceptional hardness and wear resistance.
    • M4: M4 is moderately priced, making it a cost-effective choice for various cutting applications.

In summary, Rex 45 and M4 are both exceptional tool steels with their unique strengths. Rex 45’s extreme hardness and wear resistance make it suitable for the most demanding cutting tasks, while M4 offers a good balance of properties, making it versatile for a wide range of cutting tools. The choice between them depends on the specific application’s demands and the trade-off between hardness and toughness.

In which applications or industries does Rex 45 outperform M4 steel?

Rex 45 outperforms M4 steel in specific applications and scenarios where its unique properties offer distinct advantages. Here are some situations in which Rex 45 excels over M4 steel:

  1. Extreme Wear Resistance: Rex 45’s outstanding hardness and wear resistance make it a superior choice for applications where tools are subjected to extreme wear, such as high-production cutting and machining tasks. It maintains a sharp cutting edge for extended periods.

  2. High-Speed Cutting: Rex 45 is particularly well-suited for high-speed cutting applications where it can withstand the elevated temperatures generated during the cutting process without losing its hardness. This makes it ideal for industries like aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

  3. Hard Materials: When cutting very hard materials, such as exotic alloys or hardened steels, Rex 45’s exceptional hardness allows it to maintain its edge integrity and cutting performance for longer durations compared to M4.

  4. Abrasiveness: In applications where the material being machined is abrasive and can wear down cutting tools quickly, Rex 45’s wear resistance is advantageous. This includes abrasive materials like carbon fiber composites and high-silicon aluminum alloys.

  5. High-Volume Production: Industries involving high-volume production, where tool longevity is crucial to minimize downtime for tool changes, benefit from Rex 45’s extended tool life. Examples include mass manufacturing, where productivity is a top priority.

  6. Demanding Cutting Environments: In cutting environments with challenging conditions, such as interrupted cuts or unstable workpieces, Rex 45’s wear resistance and edge retention help maintain cutting stability and efficiency.

  7. Tool Longevity: For applications where tool life is critical, Rex 45’s wear resistance and edge retention ensure that tools can be used for extended periods, reducing the frequency of tool changes and associated downtime.

It’s important to note that Rex 45’s hardness comes with a trade-off in toughness, so it may be more susceptible to chipping or fracturing in applications with heavy impacts. Therefore, choosing between Rex 45 and M4 depends on the specific requirements of the application and the need for hardness, wear resistance, and toughness.

Other issues you may be concerned about

Rex 45 is often compared to high-speed tool steels like M2 and M4 due to its exceptional hardness and wear resistance. It’s a premium steel suitable for high-speed cutting applications. The choice between them depends on the specific needs of the tool and the application.

CPM Rex 45 is considered a high-quality steel known for its exceptional hardness and wear resistance. It is a preferred choice for demanding cutting and machining applications. Its performance is highly regarded, particularly in scenarios where tools are subjected to high temperatures and abrasive materials.

Rex 45 is known for its high hardness, which means it can be more challenging to sharpen than lower hardness steels. However, the difficulty of sharpening depends on the sharpening tools and techniques used. With the right equipment and skills, it can be sharpened effectively, but it may require more effort compared to softer steels.

The Rockwell hardness of Rex 45 steel typically falls within the range of 66-68 HRC (Rockwell C scale). This level of hardness is one of the key characteristics that make it suitable for high-speed cutting applications, where maintaining a sharp cutting edge is essential.

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